Hi di Hi Campers! Happy Thursday 😊

I hope this post finds you well despite the continuing coronacoaster that we are all riding.

I wanted to check in following my video on Suicide Awareness Day because I was really touched by all of the comments and messages and shares. It seemed to really resonate with people which makes me both sad and glad- glad we are sharing more but sad that people are still going through it. T’was ever thus I think.

Anywho… I’ve been pondering life quite a bit over the last few weeks and I know that some people are really wobbling at the moment and, that wobbles don’t stop just because there’s not a national day to draw attention to it.

Maybe it is because I have a bit more headspace now the girls are back at school (which they are loving- well done teachers!) Maybe it is because our eldest is now closer to adulthood than her baby years (absolutely gross idea- makes me want to be sick in my own mouth). OR…

Maybe it’s because I turn 40 TODAY!!! WHOOP WHOOP! A milestone I thought I would never reach.

Yeah, as you write I am likely being lavished with a champagne breakfast (or wiping up Weetabix before a hasty cycle to school) but either way, I’ve been thinking and the think I’ve been thinking is;

What is the meaning of life?

Reader: WOW- Ok, you’ve gone big pretty early doors Tan…it’s only just 7am.

Me: Yup… What is it all about?! – Buckle up and get a brew kids…I’m going in.

Ok so, if you’ve read my posts before none of this will come as a surprise. The meaning of life for me is LOVE.

Love of life, of the teeny tiny every day experiences that make up this crazy experience we call life. The sunrise. The sunset. The mad out of no where rain shower that soaks you to the skin and then stops just as quickly as it started leaving only a rainbow.

Love of friends and family, of the life you create and the memories you make.

Love of people, of all the people you connect with and who feed your fire. Who have your back. Who want to see you succeed. Love of being that cheerleader and support network for others too.

It is Love of YOU. Loving who you are, the decisions you make, the paths that you take and the fine ass that you shake.

The love of adventure and experience and that epic scared excited feeling you get in your belly when you’re trying something new. 

I have written before about times when I was so tired of life. Tired of seeing it through a veil and feeling that it was beyond me. I have talked and written about how I managed those periods and am so glad and giddy and grateful to not be there now. If you are; read this and, believe me – and the more eloquent Matt Haig when he says:

If you’re in the midst of depression, I KNOW that this sounds like absolute rubbish. I know it feels like it might be true for everyone but you. I know that you are tired of the fight and that it feels inconceivable that there is an end point that isn’t your funeral BUT- there is. I promise. There is help to be had. You’ll be ok. Honestly. Hang in there.

I am more lucky than I ever thought it was possible to be and, the older I get the luckier I feel. I am happy, I am healthy, I love and am loved by a handsome husband and a gaggle of gorgeous family and friends and I. Am. Here.

My life is all the richer for all the lessons I’ve learnt and the experiences I’ve had. It is richer still through accepting myself, forgiving myself and loving myself. The cherry on the cake are the people I share it with and the love that surrounds me and I won’t waste a minute worrying about the wrinkles and the stretch marks and the laughter lines and the cracked heels because they mean that I’ve made it. I’ve made it all this way and some days I didn’t think I would.

So, in honour of my 40 years on this planet, in celebration and giddy gratitude of reaching a milestone many others don’t; here’s some takeaways that I’ve learnt from the journey so far….you’re welcome!

Be kind; to yourself as well as others.

Live your truth.

Take the leap.

If you love someone tell them. Often.


If something makes you smile or cry or rage, feel it. Sit with it. Drink it in. If you don’t it will either be lost forever or it will bubble up somewhere else.

Love yourself. REALLY.

Take time to do what makes your heart sing.

If someone pisses you off shake it off or speak up but don’t hang on to it.

Wear the lipstick.

Waste time with people you love because guess what- it’s never a waste.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being in a permanent giddy state of gratitude but, when you remember, give thanks.

Ditch the heels!

Don’t expect life to be perfect but give yourself the best chance of making it perfect for you by listening to your heart.  


Never stop learning, questioning or evolving

It’s ok to admit you were wrong or change your point of view. It’s not a climb down, it’s a strength

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Fresh air and self care always improve your mood


CAN’T is a cop-out, set your sights high

Trust your gut

If you can’t smile with your eyes, don’t smile…. (Also…masks your eyes matter people!!)


Remember your P’s and Q’s

Ask for what you want. The worst thing they can say is no

You have enough. You are enough

You’re AMAZING just as you are.

You are loved. ALWAYS.

Have a beautiful day and, if you’d like any help getting to know and love you better; let me know.


The birthday girl.


PS- As my birthday present to you- you can download and print my Rules for Life because my lovely friend Ed created a poster of them.

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