So here we are.

Last night, just before bed I checked my Instagram feed. I know that endless end of day scrolling through social is rarely a mood booster but it is what it is. I’ll put it on charge it downstairs tonight, pinky swear.

Anyhow, on this occasion it turned out to be a really good thing because I caught Joe Wicks’ latest video.

Turns out Joe and I are feeling pretty similar!

  • Confused
  • Frustrated
  • Worried about the impact for others
  • Concerned about peoples mental health
  • Finding it harder to find the joy in the everyday
  • Feeling as though there is less to look forward to

If you are once again riding the coronacoaster, you’re not alone. We are never alone in our thoughts, fears and feelings. There are billions of us on the planet and though we are unique, we maybe aren’t quite as unique as we think! Millions of us are feeling the fear, millions of us are tired of the changed plans, rules and regulations. Millions of us are thanking our lucky stars that we aren’t the people making these incredibly difficult and divisive decisions at the moment. AND- all of us must pull on our big girl pants, take a deep breath and go again.


As a mum; my priority is for my girls to feel safe and secure and in order for that to happen I need to keep an eye on me and- surprise surprise- I am not alone in that either!

At the beginning of the pandemic I wrote about the importance of self care and, this is more true than ever:

Genuine self-care is about doing something which serves your present self without sabotaging future you; 

for example, vegging out on the sofa watching films back to back with a family bag of Maltesers* might feel good in the moment but, if the result is that you haven’t used enough energy and are on a sugar high at 11pm you’re unlikely to sleep properly and, if you add kids and confined spaces into that mix it starts to look less like self-care…

I know this isn’t where we want to be. I know that this might not be the message you want to hear at the moment but I could certainly do with the reminder!

Just prior to our local lockdown and the new measures announced yesterday I set up a 12 week accountability group with the aim of ensuring that we didn’t write off 2020, didn’t postpone our goals and aims and then find ourselves in a worse place physically, mentally and emotionally as the nights draw in and the restrictions really bite.

The goals can be ANYTHING or relate to any area of your life:





The key is that they matter to you- that you have a WHY. Why does this matter to you? How will your life improve as you work towards and reach your goal?

The second thing is to ensure that they are SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

Thirdly; consider what might trip you up? What has held you back or caused an issue in the past? How are WE going to make this time different?

Each week you can set new targets which will move you closer to the bigger, end goal.

To give you an idea- here is mine:


My mental health and general wellbeing is at its best when I:

Eat well

Drink mindfully and minimally

Am physically active daily.

As we head into Winter and tighter restrictions it is really important to me that I safeguard this. It worries me that so many people ignore the link between diet, exercise and health and want to be in control of mine.

It makes me a happier and more patient mum, wife and human and makes me better able to manage work and home.


I will run the mile track opposite my house a minimum of 3 times this week.

I will complete 3 20 minute online workouts

I will be alcohol free

I will drink 3 of my bottles of water daily

I will meal plan and track what I eat

I will charge my phone downstairs


I will get a new 5km pb

I will run a half marathon

I will have updated my TLC website to better reflect who I am and the services I offer.

I will have proved to myself that I can do something consistently (plan, track and stay on track when things get in the way or I can’t be bothered!!!)

I will be stronger and leaner

Weight loss for me is a bonus but I would like that to be 8lbs.

Each week I will check in:

  • Daily on this group
  • Weekly mailshot
  • Weekly via text or whatsapp (individual)

If you feel like you’d benefit from a gaggle of gorgeous souls holding space for you, supporting you, cheering you on when you’re up and holding you up when you’re down GET INVOLVED. It’s totally free- free of charge and free of judgement. 🙂

Whether you fancy joining our gang or not, if you have goal I would recommend that you:

*Share your goals with someone

*Keep a journal/ diary so you can spend some time thinking about what has gone well and what you might need to review.

*Be kind to yourself- don’t expect to smash every target every day, do your best and forgive yourself if things go a little off track from time to time. Just get back to it the next day.

Let me know if I can help.

Big, fat buckets of love. Hang in there, we’re going to be ok.
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