Yesterday I posted about my book, Time for Bed Baby being awarded the Bizzie Baby GOLD Award in the books and magazine category! WHOOP! Thank you so much to everyone for all your kind words and messages. I am over the moon obviously but my why behind writing this book was never for awards or personal recognition- as nice as that is; the aim is and was always to reach as many new mums as possible to remind them that they matter and they have a right to look after themselves as much as they look after their baby.

A happy and healthy mum is the corner stone to a happy and healthy family. Being a parent, being a mum is a hell of a job. It wears you out and wears you down and that exhaustion and emotional rollercoaster needs to be recognised and managed. It is hard enough under normal circumstances when there would be scaffolding surrounding you by the way of friends and family and baby groups and being able to get out and about. So parenting now, is the toughest job around.

This week marks childrens mental health week and the focus this year is on self expression; learning how to share your feelings and feel confident to be who you are. For me, as with all things, that journey begins in the home, it begins with our formative experiences with those that surround us daily. It begins with care givers who are able to be open about their thoughts, feelings and emotions which is something that is becoming more normal but remains uncomfortable or even alien for so many. BUT- when we are isolated, exhausted, emotionally wrung out, it is harder still so I just wanted to say to all the parents out there that are juggling and struggling and trying to hold it all together through this very unusual time, you are doing great. You are important and you are loved.

Grow with me Muma
When a baby is born, so is a mother
Each one unique yet a bit like each other.
You can read all the books,
Soak up all the advice,
But this is our journey,
Our one crack at life.

So this is some guidance, a plea from your babe.
Some super top tips, on how to behave.

I don’t care if it’s bottle or straight from your breast,
To sip with a cuddle is what I love best.
So cuddle me Muma and let us just be.
You can only be you and I can only be me.

The time will soon come for the rush and routine,
The school clubs, the playdates, the list is obscene.
So rest with me Muma and let us just be.
You can only be you and I can only be me.

No one gets it all right but I know that you’re trying,
There’s bound to be days when we both end up crying!
But that is life Muma, the ups and the downs
And my highs are much higher when you are around.
So laugh with me Muma and let us just be.
You can only be you and I can only be me.

Look after you Muma, Don’t burn yourself out.
It just makes you all cranky and more likely to shout.
Pick up the phone or go out for a run,
When you’re feeling like you we have so much more fun.
So remember that Muma and we’ll be okay
We can always hit ‘reset’ if we have a bad day.

Be gentle Muma, with you, not just me,
We’re learning together what this life can be.
So grow with me Muma and let us just be,
You can only be you and I can only be me.

You’re doing a great job Muma.


We’ve all had days like these!

If you’d like to order a copy of this poem as a gift for a new mum, drop me a line and I’ll let you know how.

Big fat buckets of love,

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