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Mental Health starts with Mum

Yesterday I posted about my book, Time for Bed Baby being awarded the Bizzie Baby GOLD Award in the books and magazine category! WHOOP! Thank you so much to everyone for all your kind words and messages. I am over the moon obviously but my why behind writing this book was never for awards or […]

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Half Term Heroes

Ever since the Government voted against extending free school meals last week I have been churned up with a horrible mix of guilt and gratitude, rage and frustration and the constant question of What can we do…? How can we help? Ever since I started working with children and young people my mantra has been; […]

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We go again….

So here we are. Last night, just before bed I checked my Instagram feed. I know that endless end of day scrolling through social is rarely a mood booster but it is what it is. I’ll put it on charge it downstairs tonight, pinky swear. Anyhow, on this occasion it turned out to be a […]

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Life lessons at 40.

Hi di Hi Campers! Happy Thursday 😊 I hope this post finds you well despite the continuing coronacoaster that we are all riding. I wanted to check in following my video on Suicide Awareness Day because I was really touched by all of the comments and messages and shares. It seemed to really resonate with […]


Mumming during Lockdown.

Picking home schooling back up after opting to take the two week Easter holiday has been tough. Really tough! The girls haven’t been as engaged as they were pre break, I have more work on than I did before (wich is great) the weather is gorgeous (which is a massive blessing) we have a new […]


If the juggle is a struggle

Last week I read a brief but brilliant post from one of my good friends Emma Adams. Emma is a mum of two, small business owner and master juggler of family, first aid and all of the life admin that comes with adulting. She is used to the day to day parent juggle and yet […]


From Thriving to Surviving and back again.

Under normal circumstances; we experience moments of joy and pleasure which “fill our cups” and make us better able to roll with the usual ups and downs of everyday life.
Without these cup filling experiences our reserves become depleted and it is harder for us to bounce back from annoyances and irritations which we would usually be able to brush off.

Just checking in….How are you?

One thing that is certainly true is that, although we are all in this together, each of us will be experiencing this differently. We will each have a different perspective and the time it takes for us to process information will vary too. We are all beautifully flawed and unique humans so our reactions will be unique too.